Sleep dreamt a brother.

In Greek mythology Sleep and Death are brothers (Hypnos & Thanatos), and their mother Night (Nyx).

The title of the album, which is also the title of this song, is imagining Sleep dreaming his brother into being.

I believe the Dreamworld experiences to be just as valid as the Wakingworld’s. I’ve very vivid dreams most nights, and these places I visit, or situations I experience, stay with me for years – decades! Often longer and with more clarity than the memories of my daytime life. My earliest memories are of a recurring dream where a baby elephant would come take me on his back and we’d spend the whole night flying over the town and countryside. I was so happy. It’s one of my warmest childhood memories.

In my 20’s I was plagued with nightmares. Some quite horrific and still disturbing to remember over 10 years later. Just as if they’d happened when I was awake. These days my Dreamworld is a much more positive place to be, and somewhere I look forward to.

To me, it’s a more comforting thought to die in the night-time, than to die in the day. If you die in the dark of the night-time, it’s like you’ve never really died. Dreaming in sleep is not of this world anyway. Lost in a dream is no misery.

HERE BELOW is a work I made in 2007 called Bromazepam

A friend still had keys to my flat.
I asked if they could drop them off in a hour from now.
They were to let themselves in and take a photo as soon as they found me.
I took 2 Bromazepam (sleeping pills).
My camera was left on the kitchen table, where they were to leave the keys
and close the door on the way out.



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