In the weeks after he died
I had the same dream.
We’re in a room together, talking.
His face, and voice, as clear and exact
as it was the last time I saw him.
From the words he’d choose,
to how his body would articulate itself,
all unlocked in entirety.
The absolute incarnation of my friend.
Memories reflect in a dream
like your image in a mirror.
The difference isn’t always clear
between the reflection and the real thing.
I haven’t had this dream for a few months now
It’s a sad dream, but it’s all there is
Tonight, I’ll try to force the dream,
and meet my friend in that room,
in the dream world.

This Song above (and accompanying art work below) is about my pal Graeme Wilson.
A brilliantly intelligent and compassionate man, who lots of people miss very much.
He made fantastic music, such as this below:

Here below is an art work called ‘I’ll Try To Force The Dream, Graeme’
It’s a mirror that goes on the wall.
It has the text at the top of the page lasered into it.
The words are also used for the start of the song.
You have to look at a reflection of your own image as you read the text.

M Sawyer_Graeme_DetailLow_17078_Rokeby (1)

M Sawyer_Graeme_LowDetail_17078_Rokeby (1)

Here we both are drunk and pissing about.
graeme and me and umbrella


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