It’s not a dance number
Unless that’s your sort of dance

The bones of this song were originally recorded for a 48 song album called MATHEW SAWYER IS IN LOVE
I remade it for this record. It just made sense all of a sudden.

Repeat ‘all of a sudden‘ to yourself, but with your eyes wide and eyebrows raised.

all of a sudden

There, that’s it.


What’s this above?
That is an artwork I made in 2011 and have repeated each year since.

On my birthday I wrote on a ping-pong ball
a five word summary of my 33rd year of life
then put it in a through a letter box
into a stranger’s house

A year contained and delivered straight into a stranger’s life.
We can all imagine the bounce as it hits the floor. We know that sound too.
And perhaps it rolls off under a piece of furniture in the hallway.

I realise it reads as cold as a shopping list.
But that’s the point, surely?
Don’t cry over spilt milk – but WHOSE FUCKING MILK & WHAT DID THE MILK MEAN TO THEM!

There’s more to milk than meets the eye.

You too can do this at home. Or rather someone else’s home.

But I wouldn’t recommend it. In fact don’t do it at all.


  1. The Golden Heart public house was a pub I frequented feverishly for a few years – a fair few years ago. It was much fun whilst it lasted. But change is good, or you go mad and your insides deteriorate at an astonishing rate!

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